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Terms of cooperation

The firm offers its services either at its premises, the client's office or another place if needed. We offer clear and fair cooperation terms to our Clients. We guarantee frequent personal contact, as well as transparency with respect to both client -dedicated time and service prices. Remuneration for services is each time determined individually with the client, depending on the scope of engagement.

As regards the engagement of our law office to undertake legal representation in individual cases, the remuneration is usually determined as a flat a fee, depending on a given case type. This traditional fee arrangement can be modified by a contingency fee.

As regards the provision of on-going legal services, the remuneration may be determined according to the following methods:

  • flat fee - a fixed monthly payment

  • hourly rate - our law office is paid based on an agreed-upon hourly rate for the hours worked on a client's case until it is resolved. The total amount is determined based on itemized work time.

  • flat fee for a stated number of hours – the remuneration is determined based on a fixed monthly fee for a stated number of hours of attorney’s work. If additional legal help exceeding the contractual number of hours is necessary, it is charged based on an hourly rate.
The above mentioned fee arrangements can be modified by a contingency fee.

The on-going legal service includes:
  • drafting contracts, statutes and regulations connected with business activity

  • drafting and evaluation of commercial contracts with regard to their compliance with the Polish law and proper protection of client's interests including contract performance guarantees.

  • client representation in pre-trial proceedings and court litigation

  • debt collection

  • attendance in company bodies meetings

  • amendments to articles of association, redemption of shares, company transformation etc.

  • assistance in everyday legal issues of your business, including preparing information on regulations currently in force,
Remuneration for our services does not include expenses incurred in client's interest when carrying out legal services (travel expenses, overnight stay etc.). Furthermore, a client is obliged to cover all court, fiscal and notarial fees.